Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Halosphere! Farewell Sean and all the best! Thanks again for linking to me! :)

So the Angels finally traded away Finley and what did they get? A guy who, if we are lucky, won't play a game at all next year.
Finley was bad last year, really, really bad, but he was good once and he was a centerfielder. I really think we should have gotten a better deal. Not much better, but a little better. Save some money, get a long shot prospect, use him as part of another deal, something like that.
And why are the Angels hardly ever mentioned in Ramirez/Tejada rumors?

By the way, I'm playing a draft-dynasty-game in MVP Baseball with the Angels and after winning the division the first year and losing the ALDS to Toronto in three games, I'm now in the World Series against the Giants in my second year. The Angels have just managed to climb back from a 0-2 hole to make it 2-2. One game left in Anaheim.


Dodgers and Angels highlights at 11. Please watch anyway.
Bill Weir, Cutting a promo during the 1999 season when both teams were having mediocre sub-.500 seasons.


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