Saturday, December 10, 2005

Horay, we have a LOOGY!

The Angels traded minor league infielder Alexi Casilla (never heard of him) to the Minnesota Twins for J.C. Romero, who will get $2.2 mill. next season.
I'm not too happy with the fact that Romero felt "disrespected" by the Twins Organisation (which, as far as I can tell, seems to be a pretty good one) and clashed with his manager, because that might mean that he'll bring some unhealthy attitude to the clubhouse.
Also, he reportedly has trouble keeping inherited runners from scoring and his 2005 numbers aren't all that great: 3.47 ERA, 48 K, 39 BB, 6 HR in 57 innings.
BUT, his lefty split is a line of beauty: 2.54 ERA, .198 BAA, .308 OBA, .267 SLG, 28 K, 10 BB, 2 HR in 28.1 innings pitched.
So I guess this is a good addition after all. It addressed a major weakness (no lefty in the pen) and didn't cost us too much.
Casilla (21) started the season in AA Arkansas and hit .211, .286, .211 in 19 AB, then went to AAA Salt Lake, where he played 13 games, hitting .256, .310, .256. On May 16th, he was sent down to A Cedar Rapids, playing in 78 games, hitting .325, .392, .409 and stealing 47 bases in 59 tries. Not bad, but not great for a 21 year old playing Single-A ball. And with their depth in middle infielders, the Angels won't miss Casilla much, I expect.


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