Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Damon signs with Yankees

No, we certainly didn't expect Damon to sign with the Angels, but now that he's with the Yankees, the Red Sox need a centerfielder and a shortstop. How about Steve Finley/Darin Erstad and Orlando Cabrera? Damon's signing probably means the Manny-Trade-Talks are heating up again.
The Red Sox certainly want a bat to compensate at least a little bit for the loss of Manny's production, so a third team (or Garret Anderson?) must be involved/included. Still, I can't see the Red Sox fill their needs without trading Manny, they have nobody in the minors who could play short or center in the bigs.


I said, "I'd be pissed too, if a guy was throwing at my head like that." He thought that was pretty funny. It kind of lightened the mood.
Greeting Oakland's visibly upset Frank Menechino at first base after he'd been hit in the foot by Angels pitcher Scott Schoenweis for the second time in the game.
Scott Spiezio


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