Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Paul-Konerko-Domino-Effect

If the Angels really offered 65$ for 5 years to Konerko, he will most certainly be a Halo next year unless he takes a hometown discount to play with the White Sox. I can't see any team matching this kind of offer.
This would kick off a big reorganization.
Erstad would move back to center, which means Figgins will have to play second. The team wouldn't need neither Kennedy, nor Kotchman, nor Finley anymore. Which team needs a second baseman, a center fielder and a first baseman? The Red Sox.
They are desperate to trade Manny (I guess) and the Mets have already spent to much money this winter to afford him. Where else could he go? Seattle? I don't think so.
So we move Kennedy ($3 mill), Finley ($6 mill), Kotchman and another mid-level prospect to the Red Sox and they give us Manny and take $5 mill/year of his contract.

Our lineup would be:

2B Figgins (S)
CF Erstad(L)
RF Vladdi (R)
DH Manny (R)
1B Konerko (R)
3B Mc Pherson (L)
SS Cabrera (R)
C Molina/Mathis (R)

Corner Infielder: Quinlan
Middle Infielder: Izturis
4th Outfielder: Rivera


Donnelly ?
Gregg ?

Boy, I can't see how such a team would not reach the World Series. And we can still trade DaVanon for another arm in the bullpen, maybe.


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