Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oops, they did it again

Who would have ever thought that one day, Kevin Gregg would relieve Francisco Rodriguez in the 9th? And that it would work? Certainly not me. Gutsy decision by Scioscia, good job by Gregg, who now has 11 consecutive scoreless innings. But the Angels could not rally back after Rodriguez gave it away.
Fortunately, he wasn't the only closer who failed to do his job today as Mariano "Automatic" Rivera blew his second save in his last three opportunities and the Yankees finally lost in 11 innings against Tampa Bay.
The A's couldn't catch a break either, as the O's scored 3 unearned runs after an error (by an umpire) and the A's left the bases loaded in the 9th, losing 4-3.


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