Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No luck this time!

So Oakland finally ran out of luck, losing 0-1 and 1-2 to the Twins and playing sloppily in the 7th as Zito hit a batter to load the bases, failed to field a slow tapper down the line (he fell down - and it was not ruled an error!), then walked in a run to tie the game. Finally, Crosby threw the ball into right field on a perfect double play ball. That was all the O's needed to win the game.
Meanwhile, the Angels committed another error themselves, but it was just a good old regular throwing error from the third baseman Izturis to first, nothing freaky. While it allowed one extra run to score, the Blue Jays kindly returned the favor with two errors of their own and allowed the Halos to finally win the game in the 11th.
I have said many nasty things about Orlando Cabrera, but he made some nice defensive plays early in the game and his relay throw in the seventh kept it a one run game.
Also, how about Kevin Gregg? The former white flagg has not allowed a run in his 10.1 innings in august while striking out 11 and walking only one. Wow! Looks like he finally has found his control.
While the collective Halosphere breathes more easily now that the A's are two games back again, the Angels' margin of error has actually become smaller. While they enjoyed a comfortable lead in the wild card standings for a long time (though nobody noticed it while we were in first place), this lead is now down to 3.5 games. If the Angels lost 4 games to the Yankees and 2 to the A's, they would be out of the playoffs.


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