Saturday, August 13, 2005

Angels @ Mariners & Twins @ A's - Liveblogging Doubleheader

22.08 (CET) - Oakland: The game is delayed in Oakland because Eckersley's number is retired.

22.15 - Seattle: Runners at the corners. No outs.

22.17 - Seattle: Cabrera picked off at first. Arg!

22.18 - Seattle: Base hit by Vladdi. 1-0 Angels

22.21 - Oakland:The A's and Twins finally start to earn their paychecks today.

22.22 - Seattle: Juan Rivera drives in Vladdi with a single. 2-0 Angels

22.23 - Seattle:Izturis flies out. OC's pickoff costs us at least one run, probably two. The Angels just can't stop making mistakes.

22.29 - Oakland: No score after one inning.

22.30 - Seattle: The Mariners go quietly in the first.

22.38 - Seattle: Homerun Chone Figgins!!! 3-0 Angels

22.39 - Oakland: Still no score after two. The only hit so far came from Kendall in the first.

22.45 - Oakland: The Twins have two men on with one out.

22.45 - Seattle: Another 1-2-3 inning for Colon. He has 3 Ks.

22.48 - Oakland: The Twins cannot score.

22.51 - Seattle: The Angels fail to score in the third. Let's hope that won't become a trend.

22.54 - Seattle: The Mariners have their first hit. A single with no outs.

22.58 - Oakland: A double and a walk for the A's, but still no score as Mays retires Kotsay.

23.02 - Seattle: Colon retires the next three batters on strike, pop and ground out.

23.08 - Seattle: Izturis nearly hits another homer, but Ichiro makes the catch at the wall.

23.09 - Oakland: Erich Chavez in scoring position at 2B with two outs, Payton bats.

23.10 - Oakland: ... and grounds out.

23.12 - Seattle: Kennedy strikes out and strands Molina, who's singled, at first.

23.18 - Oakland: Runners at the corners with two outs for the Twins, Stewart bats.

23.21 - Seattle: Colon finds himself in a jam after a single and a walk with Beltre at the plate. Only one out.

23.22 - Seattle: Double play!

23.24 - Oakland: Stewart pops up.

23.30 - Oakland: Swisher ist at 2nd base with two outs after a walk, but Kendall grounds out.

23.31 - Seattle: Figgins, who has singled, scores from 1B on a single by Cabrera because Reed in center bobbles the ball and doesn't pay attention to the running Figgins. 4-0 Angels

23.32 - Seattle: A single by Erstad puts runners at the corners for Vladdi with no outs.

23.37 - Oakland: Justin Morneau hits a two runs homer in the 6th! 2-0 Twins

23.38 - Seattle: Vladdi singles home Cabrera. 5-0 Angels

23.40 - Seattle: Rivera bloops one into left, scoring Erstad. Rivera advances to second on a bad throw. 6-0 Angels

23.45 - Seattle: Is Cabrera tired or just stupid? Does he always speak like that? Could it be he annoys his team-mates? Is that why they make so many mistakes?

23.46 - Oakland: Runners at the corners again with one out for Oakland.

23.49 - Seattle: The Mariners walk Izturis to load the bases for Jose Molina. He responds by hitting a ground rule double. 8-0 Angels

23.50 - Oakland: The A's get a single from Johnson and cut the Twins' lead in half. 2-1 Twins

23.51 - Oakland: Jay Payton hits a three-run-homerun to put the A's on top 4-2. Damn you Payton! Couldn't you just keep sitting quietly on the bench in Boston?

23.57 - Seattle: Colon gets himself another easy inning. He has just allowed two hits and a walk so far while striking out 4.

00.04 - Seattle: The top of the 6th holds only two Ks and a flyout for the Angels.

00.08 - Seattle: Vladdi is in a generous mood and gives Ichiro a homerun as a present. He tries to time his leap, can't hold on to the ball and pushes it over the wall. If the score wasn't so loopsided, I'd get a little bit annoyed. 8-1 Angels

00.10 - Seattle: OC flashes the leather.

00.12 - Oakland: Seventh inning stretch in Oakland. Still 4-2 Oakland.

00.13 - Seattle: Finley pinch hits for Anderson give him some rest.

00.15 - Seattle: Seattle fans send "Get Well, Mike" wishes to Ex-Mariner Mike Cameron, who collided with Beltran on Thursday. Very nice!

00.19 - Oakland: Kotsay homers. 5-2 A's

00.20 - Seattle: Juan Rivera homers. 9-1 Angels

00.21: There can't be any doubt that Rivera MUST play regularly against righthanders. He now has an .855 OPS against righthanders this year.

00.26 - Seattle: That "Sound Of The Game" record on fox proves it. OC annoys his teammates. Have you looked into their faces? That's the same look you had a school when that strange guy you hardly knew appeared and told you about band camp. That's what you get if you sign a guy out of the Red Sox' clubhouse.

00.31 - Seattle: The Mariners get another single of Colon and another K as well, that's all. Colon is at 88 pitches.

00.33 - Oakland: The Twins have a man in scoring position again.

00.34 - Seattle: Figgins steps to the plate searching for the triple, which would give him the cycle. He flies out though.

00.36 - Oakland: The Twins bring the tying run to the plate in rightfielder Michael Ryan, who's hitting .175 for the year (.493 OPS). He strike out, of course. Pinch hitting, anyone? And why's this guy hitting 6th??? Vladdi would have better numbers swinging with the eyes closed.

00.45 - Oakland: The 9th inning begins. The bottom of the Twins order will bat (4-8, BB today).

00.48 - Oakland: Cuddyer walks.

00.49 - Oakland: Redmond singles. Error by Swisher in right field put runners on second and third. The tying run will come to the plate in Bartlett (2HR in 05).

00.52 - Oakland: K

00.53 - Oakland: Stewart at the plate (10HR in 05).

00.54 - Seattle: Bottom 9th, Yan relieves Colon.

00.56 - Seattle: 1-2-3, Angels win 9-1

00.56 - Oakland: Stewart strike out after fouling off 5 straight.

00.57 - Oakland: Pinch hitter Tiffee is up (1HR in 05 - The Twins really have some pop on their bench! By the way: There's a Tiffee in the German Sesame Street, it's a girlish pelican or something like that).

00.59 - Oakland: Tiffee strikes out manly on three pitches. A's win 5-2

01.01: I go to bed now.


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