Thursday, June 02, 2005


Slowly, but steadily Dallas McPherson is working his way onward to respectability in the Major Leagues. After he looked a little lost early, hitting just .211, .250, .316 in March and April, he is now only 12 points behind Troy Glaus in batting average. While his .250, .308, .450 still isn't something to brag about, if you look at his May numbers and his at-bats, you'll realize that Dallas is adjusting well and gaining confidence. McPherson's line over the last 30 days is .273, .333, .519 and shows that his improvement isn't just a fluke but real positive development (at least that's what I'm telling myself). Over the last week, McPherson had superstar form at the plate, hitting 4HR (one a walk-off dinger) with 9RBI and a mind-sizzling .370, .430, .889 (!!!). He certainly won't keep this up, but it's good to see that he is capable of having this kind of hot streak at the major league level (or to have any Angels having a hot streak at all).
Maybe it was a good thing for Dallas that Vladimir Guerrero went down with a shoulder injury so that he couldn't hide behind him and felt more committed to step up and produce.


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