Thursday, June 02, 2005

Back Home

While I was away visiting my parents in the beautiful town of Osnabrueck for a few days, a lot of things happened.
First, my blog was mentioned by Richard from Pearly Gates, which is pretty cool by itself, but it also helped increase my visitor total tenfold. :) Thank you very much!!!
Second, the Angels split a low scoring series with the White Sox and then swept the Royals in an 30-run offensive outburst over three games. Since then, the Angels lost two close games in Chicago and salvaged the series with a 10-7 victory yesterday when K-Rod struck out the side in the 9th while allowing a double and walking three. Yes, I agree with Josh (also Pearly Gates) that walking Frank Thomas with the bases loaded was probably a good idea.
Third, the Red Sox thrashed the Yankees for 24 runs in two games after losing the first game in New York. This humiliation shocked the Yankees so much that they promptly lost two games against the Royals.
And last but not least, Ex-Angel David Eckstein made two great plays yesterday for the Cardinals in Colorado. You can watch them on today, so go there quickly. I like Orlando Cabrera, but I miss Eckstein and I still don't understand why they let him go (It's even more difficult to understand if you see Eckstein hitting .302, .377, .392 compared to Cabrera's .240, .300, .347. It would be nice to have a player getting on base more than once in three tries.


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