Sunday, April 10, 2005

April 9th - KC Royals @ LA Angels - Notes

Bot 1 Why did Bengie Molina hit that pitch of his shoes with the bases loaded? Lima wasn't able two throw three strikes to anybody

Top 2 - Kevin Gregg pitches better than I expected him to. No, he's not great, but not awful either and a little unlucky, striking out DeJesus on a wild pitch (which I thought was a passed ball). And why does the reporter call him "Young Kevin Gregg" all the time?

Bot 2 - I thought that Maicer Izturis was an even worse hitter than his brother and now he starts with a triple, not bad. And Figgins brings him home with a sac fly.

Top 3 - Kevin Gregg gets lucky here with a linedrive double play to end the inning with men on 1st and 2nd. He has already thrown a ton of pitches, so I'll guess we might see Shields in the 5th or 6th already.

Bot 4 - After two 1-2-3 innings, the Angels break it open with help of the KC second baseman who didn't step on the back on a force attempt.

Top 5 - Gregg finally gives up a dinger to Stairs and it's 7-3 Angels. Gregg is done for the day, but he did a solid job and would get the win if the Royals don't rally.

Bot 8 - Yan and Scisco both did a good job keeping the offenses quiet (Yan had a couple of long fly balls, though ). Finally, something happens when Bengie Molina hits his second homerun of the day. It's good to have him back healthy!

Top 9 - The Royals don't threaten again and the Angels are 3-2 for the season.


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