Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 24th - Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Notes

Top 1st
This is the first time I see Nomo pitch. While his delivery looks very elaborate, it’s nice to watch none the less. Half the motion is completely useless, I guess. Unfortunately, the first batter he faces reaches base, so the has to shorten his delivery.
Ramirez just hit a sac fly and lets his teammates congratulate him. Personally, I think he came to the plate thinking sac fly, his swing looked halfhearted to me. Though his OPS (1.016) says different, I think he isn’t really motivated right now. But then, I’ve seen him only a few times so far. 2-0 Boston, good start.

Top 2nd
Nomo again allows the first hitter to reach base, but only one run to score. Again, Manny Ramirez looks lazy at bat as he fouls out to right outfield.

Top 3rd
Only the second hitter reaches base and noone scores. Nomo is obviously settling in.

Bot 3rd
Arroyo looked good so far and each time he gave up a hit he followed with a double play ball. Still 3-0

Bot 4th
Arroyo gives up his first ER on two singles and a groundout. But I still think he looks good.

Top 5th
No baserunner his inning and against Ramirez, Ortiz and Millar, that is. What will come next? Will he strike out the side?

Bot 5th
Is Arroyo tiring? After a solo home run by Nick Green, Crawford take Manny to the wall. Good effort by Manny, looks like he wants to win a gold glove instead of a silver slugger award this year.

Top 6th
Nomo strikes out Varitek and I already see my prediction come true. But then Renteria singles and comes home on a double by Vasquez. Then Nomo strikes out Bellhorn and Damon grounds out.

Bot 6th
Arroyo hits Huff (whom he just can’t get out) with two out and a single puts runners on the corners, but Arroyo gets out of the jam with a grounder to third.

Top 7th
Lance Carter is the new pitcher for Tampa Bay. He throws the first pitch behind Trot Nixon and both teams get a warning. Consequently Manny hits a solo homerun on the first pitch he sees. You could see he hit that one with much more authority than the sac fly in the first inning. Then, a pitch to Ortiz’ head barely misses and sends Big Pappy to the ground (luckily). Ortiz turns to Carter and the benches clear. Nixon and Brazelton try to box it out, but are restrained. Finally, Carter, Nixon, Brazelton and manager Pinella are ejected and the game continues. With two outs.

Bot 7th
Wow, what a game. The second pitch by Arroyo hits Singleton (with two men warming up in the bullpen) and the benches clear again but no punches are throws this time. Arroyo and Francona are the next to be ejected. Maybe not too smart a move, since Mantei comes in and walks Hall. But then he gets the K and is replaced by Myers, who also gets one. Next comes Timlin, who faces pinch hitter Eduardo Perez, who hit a walk-off homer of Embree yesterday. This time it’s just a single, but that drives in Singleton and it’s a two-run game. Lugo takes Damon to the warning track, but the innings is finally over.

Top 8th
With the help of three walks, an RBI-single and a grand slam homerun by Payton (who got in the game for Nixon, it’s now 10-3 in just a second. And David Ortiz hits another dinger. Looks like the hit batter come back to haunt the Devil Rays. A walk, single and another walk load the bases again, but Vasquez misses a second grand slam by a few feet.

Bot 8th
Halama comes into the game and gives up a couple of hits, but no runs

Bot 9th
Only one more runner reaches base and the Red Sox win a wild one 11-3 and avoid the sweep.


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