Saturday, March 26, 2005

Triple B launched!

Opening day is only one week away and it seems to be a good time to start my baseball blog. You probably think "Oh, great, the world really needed more of those" and yes, you have all rights to be sceptical. But my blog will be totally different from all the others, featuring never-seen-before reporting technics and it will definitely revolutionize baseball blogging. Well, actually, it's nothing like that. It's just another blog like all the others (or worse maybe). The only thing "special" about it is that it's written by a German who is only really into baseball for one year and a half. So, you might enjoy coming here to laugh about my grammar and/or the contents of my columns.
However, I just want to write about baseball and help German baseball fans understand baseball terms. And hopefully, my writing will get better as time goes by. Enjoy your stay! - Bjoern


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